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This Trillion Dollar Investment Manager Seems Set to Enter the Crypto Market

Sometimes, it’s not necessary to be the first one into a market to make a large fortune. John D. Rockefeller wasn’t the first to drill for oil. In fact, none of the business operations he turned into a fortune were based on new sectors. Rockefeller perfected existing practices.

The same is true in the modern world. With the rush of second wave giants into the crypto field, it is possible that investors can make millions. We detail how right here.

Is There Really an Existential Crisis in Value Investing?

The Wall Street Journal was clear. And, it was the type of headline that we saw way back in 1999. Back then, the questions were about Warren Buffett. The ultimate value investor seemed to be facing a historic market shift and he was doomed, according to experts.

For investors with a sense of history, the feelings of that era may have come rushing back when they saw a recent Wall Street Journal headline. You can read more in this article.

An Industry Income Investors Might Overlook

In many cases, individuals divide stocks into income or growth categories. In many cases, the categories are mutually exclusive. That is, a stock is either a growth stock or an income stock. This is how many index funds categorize their investments.

This process certainly makes sense for index funds when the managers must have a clear distinction between categories. For individual investors, a more flexible approach can be useful. We detail that approach right here.

Maybe It Is Time to Worry About Social Security

Retirement is a dream for many individuals. It is also among the greatest fear for many individuals. The fears often concern money. The big question is if retirement income will be sufficient to support the minimum lifestyle requirements of a retiree.

Of course it is best to save as much as possible before retirement. However, that may not always be possible. That means more aggressive strategies could be needed and we explain that here.


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