Wall Street Silver Official Podcast: Silver Premiums Are Crazy, Here Is What to Buy & Avoid

Interest in the commodity space remains strong. Investors worried about the high inflation numbers of the past few months have been buying physical gold and silver. Exchange inventory data shows a massive drop as a result.

However, while the price of precious metals has been volatile but overall flat in the past few months, premiums have soared. That can make it challenging for buyers to obtain physical gold and silver without overpaying.

Rising investor demand to buy and hold silver could lead to a move higher in the metal. It could be akin to the spike higher in nickel prices, according to James Anderson of SD Bullion.

Increased investment demand has also caused the US Mint, among other organizations, to drop products. The lack of raw silver inventory makes it impossible now.

This lack of inventory means lower production volumes on remaining products. That also means more premiums between the spot price of physical metals and the market price.

With supply chain disruptions, rising inflation, and concerns about the Fed raising interest rates too much too quickly, investors looking to park some wealth outside the traditional financial system might want to consider precious metals here.

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To listen to the full podcast, listen here.