With 25 Fortune 100 clients… revolutionary technology… and the potential to change the world forever… this could be:

The Ultimate Energy Stock

I never believed this kind of company could be profitable…
until I found this hugely undervalued $12 gem that market leaders call:
“a pioneer…in how industry could be powered.”


Hi, my name is Andrew Packer.

I’m the chief investment strategist for The Smart Investing Society.

I’ll tell you more about that in a moment…

But there’s a far more urgent reason I’m coming to you today.

My latest research has uncovered a prime window of opportunity for a single $12 stock to soar as high as $50 over the next 48 months.

To be honest with you, I was a bit surprised when I came upon it.

You see, this company resides in the alternative energy industry.

You may know it better as “clean energy”.

And I’m NOT a clean energy investor.

In fact, it’s a market sector I tend to stay away from completely.

The technology tends to be untested and unproven.

Many of the companies rely on government subsidies and aren’t strong enough to succeed on their own.

And things like ethanol… solar panels… and wind turbines…

…well despite all the advantages they’ve been handed, they’ve just never succeeded the way their makers would have hoped.

Traditional energy companies are a lot more predictable thanks to trends in their underlying source of energy (oil, gas, coal etc.).

So, normally, I’d steer clear altogether.

Maybe you’re the same way. Maybe you’re not.

The point is, I’m a value investor.

And I’ve just never seen the value in alternative energy stocks.

I look for growth at a reasonable price… or special situations that unlock unique opportunities in the market.

My top-performing investments have ranged all the way from physical silver to options to “boring” stocks like telecoms and utilities.

But I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a value better than the $12 clean energy stock I’m going to tell you about today.

Because my research is showing that in just two years’ time, their share price could be as high as $50!

That’s a massive 317% windfall!

Enough to turn every:

$1,000 into $4,170…

$5,000 into $20,850…

$10,000 into $41,700…

$50,000 into $208,500…

Or $100,000 into a $417,000 fortune!

Now, I know those are big numbers.

And trust me, I don’t throw them around lightly.

But thanks to a variety of catalysts I’m seeing, I believe that if you jump through this small window of opportunity that’s opened while this stock is incredibly undervalued…

You could end up banking one of the biggest single gains of your life.

Like I said, I usually wouldn’t touch “clean energy” stocks with a ten-foot pole.

There’s just too many factors you can’t control that can tank their value VERY quickly.

But the thing is …

NONE of those factors affect this stock.

That’s right. It’s immune to all of them.

Their technology is so revolutionary that it could change multiple industries forever.

Everything from telecommunications… to cars… even space exploration!

It isn’t being propped up by government funding that can be taken away with the stroke of a pen.

And it’s already got a whopping 25 Fortune 100 Clients, including (are you ready for this?):

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a client list with that many heavy hitters on it!

FedEx (another customer of theirs) called this company:

a pioneer in distributed energy… the next paradigm shift in how industry could be powered.”

Staples proudly stated “The business decision becomes easy when you find a truly reliable, clean, and affordable solution, and (this company) has delivered all three.”

And Google proclaimed “we are proud to be one of the early customers!”

Yet, despite all this, this company is STILL incredibly undervalued!

It all adds up to one of the most exciting profit opportunities and massive values I’ve seen in the market in years.

That’s why I’m calling this $12 company…

The Ultimate Energy Stock

Yes, bigger than the oil companies.

Better than natural gas suppliers.

And positioned to dominate the energy sector for decades to come.

This company, despite some recent struggles, is positioned to skyrocket like no other out there today.

Remember, I told you that I’m NOT big on alternative energy stocks.

It’s not that I dislike what they’re trying to do.

I’m all for finding cheaper, cleaner methods to power our world.

I’ve just never seen a publicly traded clean energy stock that I believed could make me rich.

You’ve probably heard of at least some of the big failures in recent years…

Names like SunEdison… NRG… Solazyme… … and Solyndra

Their very public flameouts have scared a lot of people away from clean energy companies altogether.

And I never would have recommended you put money into any of them.

Until now.

Because it’s a far different story with this stock.


Because the VALUE here is truly unbelievable.

Now, this $12 company wasn’t even on my radar at all until the middle of last year.

That’s when I came across a headline that definitely caught my attention.

A highly respected former White House Cabinet member and four-star Army general had bought $5 million worth of their stock.

That seemed odd to me.

Because this man is definitely not known as a tree-hugging environmentalist!

And a $5 million investment?

Talk about going all in!

So, I dug a little deeper to find out exactly what the heck was going on.

It turns out this retired general is actually on the company’s board of directors.

He’s also a consultant to a huge venture capitalist firm that owns a significant piece of their stock as well.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

This guy’s eating his own cooking!

In other words, he’s pouring money into a company that he stands to benefit from directly.

And sure, that’s true.

But just about EVERY major executive or board member on ANY public company owns shares of their own stock.

Jeff Bezos owns 78 million shares of Amazon for instance…

And Elon Musk owns 34 million shares of Tesla… roughly 19% of the company.

But that’s not what’s important here.

The fact that this former high-ranking White House official believes in this company enough to even be on its board to begin with is what stood out to me!

Like I said, I’ve never seen this four-star Army general at any Greenpeace rallies.

And when he was leading not one, but TWO major military campaigns in oil-rich Middle East… I didn’t hear him spouting off about how we need to abandon fossil fuels.

On top of that… a $5 million-dollar investment out of his OWN pocket isn’t anything to sneeze at!

It shows a level of trust and commitment in a company that should make anyone stand up and take notice!

So, I decided this was an opportunity worth investigating.

And here’s what I found…

A $12 hidden gem that could soar to $50!

This company develops, manufactures and sells fuel cells.

You may have heard the term before, but here’s a simple explanation of what those actually are…

A fuel cell is a device that coverts fuel into electricity through an electrochemical reaction.

I won’t get into the hardcore science of it here, but you should know that fuel cells have actually existed since 1838!

But it took over a century for them to be used commercially.

That’s when NASA began using them to generate power for the Gemini and Apollo space missions in the 1960’s.

Today they’re used to power commercial, industrial and residential buildings as well as vehicles like forklifts, cars, buses, boats, motorcycles and even submarines!

But the fuel cell that this company manufactures and sells is different than others.

It’s basically like a very skinny battery that’s always running.

Oxygen is fed into the cell on one side, fuel on the other.

Then a chemical reaction occurs that produces electricity.

There’s no burning or combustion.

No fumes or gases.

And no need for power lines to feed the electricity to its destination.

60 Minutes said this company’s fuel cell is “a little power plant-in-a-box”.

But unlike solar companies who are trying to outfit one house at a time with panels on the roof…

This company’s approach is MUCH different.

They’re going directly to big companies with their fuel cells.

And they’re having huge success getting them to switch over to their cleaner, cheaper power for their energy-guzzling data centers, offices and stores.

Google’s headquarters have been powered by them for over 8 years now.

Wal-Mart has more than 30 of these fuel cells installed at stores and distribution centers in California, where they provide as much as 75% of the power.

They’re also on eBay’s campus in San Jose, CA as well as generating ALL of the on-site power 24/7, 365 days a year at their data center in Salt Lake City, UT.

AT&T has partnered with this company on 34 alternative energy products in California, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

The list goes on and on…

In fact, almost 10% of Fortune 500 companies are using fuel cells for their electric needs.

You can do the math… that adds up to nearly 50 companies.

And THIS $12 company has already laid claim to 25 of them!

But that’s only part of the reason why I see their stock soaring as high as $50 in the next two years.

Their fuel cells actually run on natural gas – a fossil fuel.

This means their energy server platform can always stay ON.

That’s different than other green energies that are vulnerable to outages from a variety of sources, like how solar doesn’t work at night or wind turbines won’t spin without wind.

The consensus among energy analysts is that natural gas is going to stay both cheap and abundant for a very long time.

That means this company can be confident that their fuel cells won’t be running out of the actual FUEL anytime soon.

In fact, Data Center Dynamics reports that the gas grid in the U.S. is 100 times more reliable than the 99.9% reliable electric grid!

They’re also helping alleviate landfill use, where fuels often end up going to waste.

Because as opposed to regular sources where power can only be generated “in the moment”…

This company’s fuel cells allow for power to be stored and used later if needed.

No more blackouts or wasted energy!

But as many great attributes as this company has (and it’s got a lot!)…

I know what you’re really wondering…

Will this company make me money???

It was always going to take a special stock for me to consider an investment in the clean energy sector.

So, when I was considering whether or not to go public with my view that this $12 company is THE ultimate energy stock, I made sure it checked all the boxes:

It’s a cutting-edge leader in fuel cell technology. Think of them as the Netflix or Amazon of this energy source.

Their proprietary tech has been proven and is in use in over 500 sites around the world.

Revenues are growing at over 90% year-over-year.

They’re NOT saddled with debt. Even compared to other green energy companies, the balance sheet looks to be in a far better position thanks to the cash the company raised with its IPO.

As I mentioned, they have 25 Fortune 100 clients and counting! Google, FedEx, Verizon, Apple, Wal-Mart, eBay, Home Depot and many more…

It’s branching out with new projects being completed all the time. In fact they recently finished a project to power Morgan Stanley’s headquarters in Times Square!

They’ve got big-time investors who believe in them. Like the former White House cabinet member and four-star general who put $5 million of his own money into their stock. And firms like Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Goldman Sachs and New Enterprise Associates have poured more than $1 billion since the company started in 2001

But most of all…

At $12 a share, it’s practically ON SALE right now!

I know some people might interpret that as a red flag.

After all, this company once traded for over $34 a share!

But that meteoric rise was fueled solely by the excitement of their IPO just a couple months earlier.

As with many companies who go public, the hype soon wore off and investors moved on to the next new fact to come onto the market.

Nothing’s changed about this company’s fantastic technology…

Its stellar client list…

Its big money investors…

Or its positive revenue and debt numbers.

Once investors piled and in and inflated the share price to unsustainable levels, the stock dropped back down into its more-natural price range

And given the market’s struggles at the end of 2018… that price dropped even lower.

But then again, the ENTIRE market dropped in the last couple months of the year.

And really all that did was give you an even GREATER discount on my Ultimate Energy Stock!

Frankly, depending on when you’re seeing this, this company’s price could already be on the rise.

In fact, I could easily see it eclipsing $20 again within the next several months.

Which means your window of opportunity to get in on this incredible value play is growing smaller by the minute!

That’s why I’d like to send you the name and ticker symbol of my $12 Ultimate Energy Stock TODAY!

Because time is of the essence here.

If this stock goes as high as I believe it can – all the way up to $50 or more… a potential 317% gain…

…you’ve only got a short amount of time to lock in maximum potential gains.

In just a moment, I’ll give you the easy instructions on how to request all of the details on this trade.

And when you do, I’ll make sure they hit your inbox within just minutes.

That means you could be adding shares of my Ultimate Energy Stock to your portfolio as early as tomorrow!

But first, I want to properly introduce myself.

As I said earlier, my name is Andrew Packer.

I won’t bore you with my full resume, but it’s important you know that I’m not some Joe off the street who just decided to jump into the markets for fun.

I’ve been at this for two decades now.

Right out of college, I went to work for a real estate research group where I compiled sales stats and figures as well as special reports for industry professionals.

And right from the beginning I seemed to have a knack for predicting future events in the market.

Case in point: I actually got reprimanded by my bosses for calling the 2008 real estate market collapse… a FULL YEAR before it happened.

I guess they just didn’t want to hear that kind of news!

But after working on the institutional side of things for a few years, I decided it was time for a change.

To be honest – I was tired of making money for guys who already had SO much of it!

So, I made the move to the other side of the fence.

To work directly with everyday investors like yourself, helping you get the same advantages (and rewards!) that the big institutions I used to work for do.

I’ve written four books that were pretty well received. Maybe you’ve read one them…

The Aftershock High Income GuideUncharted: Your Guide to Investing in the Age of Uncertainty… The Insider Dossier… and Safe, Debt-Free and Rich!

And now I’m using all of these years of market experience to bring intelligent… but also LUCRATIVE profit opportunities directly to you.

My approach to the markets is based on value, growth, a reasonable share price and special opportunities presented by the market.

I wholeheartedly believe that the company I’ve been telling you about today represents one of those special opportunities.

But you may be wondering how I’m able to identify these kinds of potential winners accurately.

Well, it’s because…

I’ve designed my strategy to ONLY deliver the very BEST stocks

Think about all the research you do before you buy a car.

You price compare… read and watch reviews… take multiple test drives…

And of course, you pop the hood and see what’s going on inside it.

Why wouldn’t you do the very same thing for the stocks you put your hard-earned money into?

Heck, most people spend more time deciding what movie to see or where to eat dinner, than they do what to put into their portfolio.

That’s why I have five test EVERY stock must pass before I’ll consider it a buy.

And I’d estimate that probably only 1 out of every 50 makes it thought the gauntlet.

Oh, and I don’t keep these five criteria a secret either.

Here, check them out for yourself:

Test #1:

The company MUST be an innovator.

I’m not interested in companies playing “follow the leader”.

And if they already ARE the leader, I’m not satisfied to watch them get lazy and live off that success.

I want a company that’s ALWAYS innovating and coming up with new products, services or solutions that can keep them successful for decades.

Test #2:

The company MUST not conduct “business as usual”.

This goes hand in hand with innovation.

Companies who are married to a standard way of doing business are usually the ones who get left in the dust.

What if Netflix had decided to JUST stick to its original business plan of mailing out DVD’s to people?

What if Amazon had stayed ONLY an online bookseller?

What if Google NEVER went beyond being an online search engine?

I want to invest in companies that never stop coming up with new ways to grow their business or new ways to improve what they already do.

Test #3:

The company MUST both provide and BE a great value.

If a company doesn’t provide a great value to its customers it won’t last.

Value is THE #1 thing on most people’s minds when they consider spending their money.

Whether it’s at McDonalds or on Wall Street – we all want the most we can get for our buck.

That applies to both the services the company provides its customers AND the value investors receive from buying their stock.

I want companies who provide a great value while also being a great value too!

Test #4:

The company MUST have strong investors.

If smart, seasoned, successful investors are backing a company, then I’m automatically interested.

The more money they’re investing, the better.

It means the company has stability… trust… and the ability to operate to its fullest potential.

And if big-money investors are lining up to get in – that usually means a company is doing something that no one else is.

Test #5:

The company MUST be an urgent buy.

Why would I buy a stock that has no immediate catalysts on the horizon?

What good is holding a company in a portfolio if it’s not actually going to go UP?

And I mean go up soon… not in a year.

If I’m buying shares, I’m doing so because I know there’s big news coming down the pike that’s likely to bump its share price up.

These are the things that can end up bumping a stock up 20-30% in a matter of days.

The $12 energy stock I’ve been telling you about today passes ALL FIVE of these important tests for me.

Their fuel cell technology is incredibly innovative.

Their approach to how they do business (by going to tech companies directly) is outside the box and successful.

They provide great value to their clients like Google, Verizon, FedEx, Apple and more. And at $12 a share, they ARE a great value too!

They’ve got investors like a former U.S. Secretary of State and Goldman Sachs pouring over a billion dollars into them.

And with the IPO buzz worn off and the market’s nightmare 2018 over… the time to get in is NOW – before the stock climbs back up to its price levels from just a few months ago!

That’s why I’m calling this company my Ultimate Energy Stock.

And it’s also why I’ve made it the very first recommendation for members of my brand-new trading research advisory:

The Smart Investing Society

The Smart Investing Society is reserved ONLY for those who want to pack their portfolio full of intelligent… informed… and potentially explosive opportunities.

And that’s exactly what this potential 317% winner is!

We’re looking for the best companies in their respective niche.

The ones that dominate their industry.

The ones that other companies rely on for a certain technology or service that they can’t get anywhere else.

The ones that the smartest investors know about and own.

These kinds of companies are capable of delivering exceptional profits over the long term.

You won’t find any overnight 500% winners here.

Because a stock like that is more likely to also LOSE half its value in the blink of an eye too!

I’m looking for steady, long-lasting returns.

The kind that add up to 100… 300… maybe even 500%.

Not in 20 years… but rather 2 or 3.

A short enough timeframe that you won’t get bored, jump out and miss the truly huge gains…

But long enough that it allows companies to make deals, develop new products and strengthen their business.

Just like this $12 energy stock, they may be currently undervalued or out-of-favor due to short term fears and overreactions.

But the companies you’ll find inside The Smart Investing Society are built for the long haul.

And if you add enough of them to your portfolio, they could build you lifelong wealth in only a few short years.

The Smart Investing Society isn’t just a monthly newsletter.

It’s my way of delivering you the most well-researched, risk-averse and potentially profitable stocks I can find.

ALL of which MUST pass the five tests I just showed you.

If it fails even one of them – it doesn’t make the cut.

And today I’m excited to announce…

I’m officially opening up enrollment to the Smart Investing Society for the very first time.

And I’d like you to join me.

My Ultimate Energy Stock that I’ve just detailed for you is my way of welcoming you to The Smart Investing Society.

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So, all told:

The name, ticker and details of my Ultimate Energy Stock…

And the three FREE reports I’ve just laid out for you…

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And that’s on top of:


How to Make Money in Stocks by Following the Biggest Money-Making Trends in America


How to Invest in the NEXT Billion Dollar Startup


How to Generate Income in the Private Markets

And complete details (including name and ticker symbol)
on my first Smart Investing Society trade recommendation, my $12 Ultimate Energy Stock!

Now I told you time is of the essence when it comes to getting in on this potential 317% winner before its share price begins to creep back up.

That’s why I’ll get right down to what you really want to know…

How much will this cost me?

I don’t have a problem just coming out and telling you the price to join The Smart Investing Society.

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Either way, it’s a complete bargain (and you know how I love value!) when you consider that this $12 energy stock could turn every:

$1,000 into $4,170…

$5,000 into $20,850…

$10,000 into $41,700…

$50,000 into $208,500…

Or $100,000 into a $417,000 fortune!

Or if you choose, you can lock in

TWO years of access toThe Smart Investing Society for only $129.

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That’s two full months to try out everything I’ll be sending out.

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So, now it’s up to you.

My Ultimate Energy Stock can be yours just minutes from now…

This $12 alternative energy game-changer has everything you could want in a potential triple-digit winner.

Cutting-edge innovative technology…

Deals with 25 Fortune 100 clients including Google, Apple, eBay, FedEx, Wal-Mart and more…

Major investors investing major money, like Goldman Sachs and a former U.S. Secretary of State.

Growing revenue and shrinking debt…

And it sells for a huge discount right now… with the potential to jump from $12 to $50 in the next two years!

And I’m thrilled to make it the very first recommendation I’m adding to my Smart Investing Society model portfolio.

The only thing left is for you to become a Charter Member so that I can send you the complete details on this fantastic opportunity today.

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Become a Charter Member of The Smart Investing Society today and I’ll send you your first recommendation, my Ultimate Energy Stock, right away.

I sincerely hope I see your name added to our membership roster soon.

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Thanks for your time today.


Andrew Packer
Executive Editor
The Smart Investing Society