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Here’s Why Cryptocurrencies Really Are Money

Bulls and bears can become passionate about their arguments. This seems to be especially true in the cryptocurrency markets where disagreements between the two camps are plentiful.

We explain these arguments in detail and discuss why cryptocurrencies really are money, here

Finding Safe Dividends

It happened in 2008 with big banks and many large companies. The stock price fell, and the dividend yield soared. Income investors saw high yields and bought the stocks, only to see the dividend get cut or eliminated. In this article, we provide a checklist that can be used to help you avoid dividend cutters and avoid the pain of lower income and a falling stock price. Learn more here

A Sector That Marijuana Could Push to Higher Highs

The bear market is a distant memory for many investors. It was 2008 when stocks began plunging and by March 2009, a bottom was in place. The bear market pushed market averages down by more than 50% but all have recovered to new highs by now. Most industries are at new highs but, not all. One sector in particular could be pushed to an all new time high. You can read more about this sector here

Goldman Sachs Could Be the Best Choice for Income for Small Investors

Goldman Sachs is a Wall Street legend. The company has been completing large deals for about 149 years, since the firm was founded by Marcus Goldman and Samuel Sachs in 1869. Since then, the firm has grown and generated more than $42 billion in revenue. Why does this matter to small investors? Find out here