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Trading Bitcoin Through Your Brokerage Account

Many traders might like to trade bitcoin but are unsure how to get started. They know that the process can be rather involved and requires setting up new accounts. They also know the new accounts will not have any type of regulatory insurance and will not be as safe as brokerage accounts.

There is at least one opportunity for at least some investors to access bitcoin through their brokerage account and we explain that right here.

Finding Value Overseas

Investors tend to have a “home court” bias. For investors in the US, that means they often invest too much in the US, their home country. The home court bias isn’t limited to the US. One study found this bias exists around the world to varying degrees.

In this article, we discuss those biases and help you find value overseas. You can read more by clicking here.

Higher Interest Rates Could Hurt These Stocks

The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates and is expected to deliver more rate hikes before the end of the year. Rising rates impact stocks in a number of ways.

We share the potential impact of those rising rates and identify stocks that could be hurt. You can find the details here.

Income with Inflation Protection

Income investors face a number of risks. One of the greatest risks is that inflation will increase before their investment matures. This is especially true right now.

We have researched those risks and found a way for you to earn income with inflation protection. Check it out right here.