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Following the Money in the Bitcoin Market

Some investors believe it can be useful to follow the “big money” or the “smart money.” To understand the rationale for this, let’s consider the different ways to classify investors in the futures markets.

Every week, the CFTC releases a report called the Commitment of Traders (COT) which provides insight into the market action. Analysts have developed techniques to analyze this data with some general assumptions.

In this article, we share some of those techniques and explain how they are applied to the Bitcoin market. To read more, click here.

Traditions Mean Safe Income from These Stocks

Imagine that you are responsible for making the special dessert at your family’s holiday celebration. Last year, an elderly relative gave you the sole copy of the secret recipe.

Now, imagine that you forgot all about that and now, with the holiday just days away, you can’t find the recipe. If the tradition were broken, it would be the talk of the family. You would be viewed negatively by some, your reputation forever tied to that one thing you didn’t do.

Corporate executives can face a similar problem. To learn more about this problem and how it can mean safe income for you, click right here.

This Sector Could Be the Biggest Etail Winner

Etailers, the companies that sell online products, are adding to the problems of traditional retailers. Some might say that etailers are the reason stores are shutting down at local shopping malls. The truth is etail does have some business advantages.

To learn more about the sector with the biggest Etail winner, follow this link..

Can You Really Generate Passive Income from Your Stocks?

Many investors understand the concept of writing options as a way to generate income but wonder if the strategy is truly beneficial. There are, of course, pros and cons to this and every investment strategy. We will take a brief look at this idea, so you can determine if this passive income strategy is right for you.

Read more about this income strategy, here.