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Crypto Demonstrates Its Value in the Syrian Crisis

Many investors look at gold as a hedge against international turmoil. That thesis is likely to be put to the test, again. There has been increased volatility in gold, but the gains have been short lived. In this environment, traders have traditionally swarmed to gold. There has been increased volatility in gold, but the gains have been short lived.

In our recent article,we identify an alternative to gold and explain how it could be the safe haven trade in the current crisis. To learn more about this opportunity, click right here.

Bloomberg Shows Stocks Can Gain 40%

Some market research is truly more important than others. Generally, long term forecasts will have more value than very short-term forecasts for individual investors, since their trading costs will be high and access to rapid trade execution will be small.

Some sources simply should not be ignored. One of those sources is Bloomberg, a news service that has access to the best analysis. Recently, Bloomberg shared an indicator that is deeply undervalued and you can read more about it in this article.

Conflicts, highlight investment opportunities

Recently, President Trump ordered military strikes in Syria, a response to the Syrian government’s decision to launch a chemical attack earlier this month. The U.S. action included the launch of 105 missiles, fired by U.S, French and British forces.

For now, no one knows what will happen next in Syria, but we do know that the situation offers opportunities for traders. You can read more about those opportunities by clicking here.

Looking at an Unloved Income Investment

Investing is emotional for many people. Those emotional responses have led to detailed studies in the field of behavioral finance. Researchers have now proven that many of our investment decisions are driven by emotion.

But, even in an area where emotions are common, the depth of emotional responses to one asset class stands out. You can find out more about that asset class in our recent article.