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Strategies for Trading Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin has captured the imagination of traders. And, there is a good reason for that. Many traders have reported large gains from bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. That has led to interest in the markets and the question of what the markets are.

We discuss this market, as well as identify potential strategies that can be used to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, right here.

Computer Assisted Value Investing

Value investing predates the computer. But, it is a style of investing that is readily adaptable to automation. Value investing, at its core, is simply reviewing the financial data every publicly traded company is required to report every three months.

To learn more about how you can combine value and computers in a quantitative value strategy, click here.

This Is the Best Sector For a Bear Market

Traders spend a great deal of time thinking about the markets they trade. This is natural since their success is dependent on an understanding of their market. It is also natural since trading tends to be a fairly rapid process.

With many traders concerned about a bear market, we have identified the best sector to think about. You can read about it, in this article.

Passive Income Is Built into These ETFs

Stock market investors often associate income with dividends. That is certainly one source of income for investors. If asked to name a second source of passive income from stocks, many investors would cite price gains. This is also correct. But, there are less well known sources of income in the stock market.

To learn more about these other sources of income, continue reading here.