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Three Reasons Crypto Are Set to Soar

Cryptocurrencies have both proponents and skeptics. The skeptics raise some valid points. One is that transactions take a significant amount of time to process. Another is that government regulations could harm the market. A third is a lack of liquidity. All three are being addressed. 

This week, we discussed the skeptics points, as well as the proponents and determined why crypto is set to soar. You can read it all, here.

The Truth About Warren Buffett’s Performance

Widely regarded as one of the greatest investors of all time, if not the greatest investor of all time, Warren Buffett is rightfully studied. The reason to study Buffett is to find clues about how he has delivered such extraordinary results. But, the answers have been elusive until now. You can read the answers by clicking this link

Research Proves It’s Easy to Beat the Stock Market

For many years, investors have often been told that it’s impossible to beat the stock market. This is the reason some investors choose index funds. That’s basically accepting the argument that “you can’t beat them” so it’s best not to try. This week, we shared research that proves YOU CAN beat the stock market and it’s all right here.

Experts Say These Are the Best Income Investments

Sometimes, we all need expert advice. This is obvious, but we don’t always want to accept it. Investors may find that they can succeed in the stock market without expert advice. That’s largely because the same information is available to all investors. But, in some other investment areas, the playing field isn’t as level. In our latest article, we level that playing field by telling you what the experts say are the best income investments. You can read more here.