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A Chance to Trade the Ground Floor

Many investors look at great performing stocks and wish they had gotten in “on the ground floor” or before the company’s value was obvious to everyone. Well, right now, the opportunity to invest on the ground floor might be possible in the cryptocurrency markets.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Read more right here.

Value Factors: Buzzwords and Profits

Some investors argue that price moves are impossible to predict. But, many of these investors will consider that there are some methods that improve the probability of success for investors. They might point to value investing as an example.

In the academic community, investment strategies that can deliver market beating profits are called “factors.” The value factor is widely studied and shown to deliver profits in the long run when properly implemented. In this article, we share details on this process. You can learn more by clicking here.

Pet Spending Could Drive These Stocks

Pet owners tend to treat their animals well. This includes feeding them high quality foods and ensuring they receive the best medical care possible. There are tradeoffs and good care does not mean unlimited spending. But, good care does result in relatively high expenditures on pets. These expenditures set up trading opportunities and we share those with you in this article.

A Different Way to Invest in Amazon

Warren Buffett has frequently written about his investment strategies. One, value investing, is well known. Buffett searches the world looking for assets he can buy below their true value. This is the goal of value investors and Buffett has been more successful than others in the field.

This week, we share how individual investors can trade like Warren Buffett to potentially create a new passive income stream. Find out more here.