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Buffett Could Be Wrong

Over the weekend, Warren Buffett held his annual meeting for share holders of Berkshire Hathaway. The meeting includes a question and answer session where Buffett accepts questions from the audience on almost any topic and he shares his thoughts.

In a recent article, we shared Buffett’s thoughts on cryptos and discussed if it’s possible that he is wrong. You can read more by clicking right here.

The Formula Ben Graham Taught Warren Buffett

Ben Graham was Warren Buffett’s business school professor. According to Wall Street legends, Buffett read Graham’s book and decided to attend Columbia Business School. This way, he could learn directly from Graham.

Buffett was able to apply Graham’s principles better than anyone and he is one of the world’s greatest investors. In this article, we share the formula that Ben Graham taught Warren Buffett, and explain how you can put it to work for you. Read more right here.

News on Iran Affects More Than Oil

On Tuesday, as expected, President Trump announced that the U.S. will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. The President was clear in saying that he believed Tehran had cheated on the terms of the treaty and used oil revenue to fund terrorism and contribute to growing chaos in the Middle East.

While the President was clear, what happens next is far from clear. Several countries are involved in this agreement and they have not said what they will do. We sort through the details and highlight the markets that could be affected by the news, in this article.

An eBay Opportunity for Income Investors

You might recall the original story behind eBay, the online auction site. It was touching and heartwarming. It made for great advertising. Even it wasn’t really true.

Either way, eBay provided a model that investors can use to earn income and we share that strategy in our recent article.