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A Different Way to Think About Cryptocurrencies

If you’re an investor, you are probably familiar with cryptocurrencies. They are the latest investment option for individuals and represent a new asset class. When we think of them as a new asset class, that creates concerns for many investors.

New is synonymous with unfamiliar. Investors tend to be uncomfortable with unfamiliar ideas. They worry that the new idea is not legitimate or that the new idea is a bubble or a value trap.

It seems safe to say that cryptocurrencies are legitimate. Bitcoin, for example, can be used to buy pizza, buy a home, or obtain other items at auctions. Bitcoin, and other cryptos, are often sometimes used to complete transactions that are not traceable by authorities.

While cryptocurrencies are new, they have established themselves as real ways to transact business.

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Investing Like Warren Buffett

Many individual investors wonder if they could be like Warren Buffett. They dream of buying and holding stocks for many years and accumulating great wealth. This dream is actually within reach for many individuals.

First, we need to define what great wealth means. Few individuals are likely to earn billions of dollars in the stock market like Warren Buffett has. But, the truth is most of us don’t need billions of dollars to be comfortable. We might need less than we think and great wealth could be an account of less than $100,000 at retirement.

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Winners From the Annual Consumer Electronics Show

Every year, companies attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to showcase their new products and their ideas for the future. The Consumer Technology Association bills CES as “the largest global gathering of innovation.”

CES began life as a “gadget show” but the consumer electronics sector has grown to include more than traditional TVs, PCs. gaming and audiophile products. Now it includes home automation, driverless and connected cars, wearables, augmented and virtual reality gear, drones, smart speakers, personal assistants and more.

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Passive Income from P2P Lending

Interest rates are rising but they are still low. The truth is they are too low for many investors who seek a reasonable level of income from investments. A reasonable level of income varies by investor but it’s maybe a few percentage points above the rate of inflation.

That’s what interest rates were in the good old days. Before 2000, Treasury notes maturing in just 1 year typically carried interest rates of at least 5%. Certificates of deposit at banks often offered more than that.

With an interest rate of 5%, a $10,000 investment earns $500 a year. That may not be life changing money, but it is enough money for a retiree to enjoy a small vacation or fund nice gifts for grandchildren. Higher interest rates can, in simple terms, improve the quality of life for many.

Low rates are forcing investors to look elsewhere. But, many investors may not be aware of new markets that have been created.

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