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Eliminating the Risks of Bitcoin Investments

Risk and return are always assumed to be inseparable. In other words, you always have to accept higher than average risks in the pursuit of higher than average gains. Likewise, lower risks are only available when the potential rewards are lower than average.

This is the standard investment theory and something that any financial adviser can explain in detail. But, it might not always be true.

To read about the truth behind eliminating risks associated with Bitcoin investments, continue reading here.

Pitfalls of Value Investing: Value Traps

Investors are a diverse group. Some focus on the long term and others have a shorter term time target. Some pursue quick gains, others want to hold positions for years and still others try for short term gains but if they experience a loss, they decide to hold a position for the long term.

Despite the diversity, many investors share common experiences, which can lead to pitfalls in value investing. We discuss those pitfalls, right here.

This Industry Could Lead the Market Lower

Stock prices have been volatile in the past few weeks and we could be in the early stages of a bear market. The news is bearish and recent consumer sentiment polls are also increasingly negative. Investors are becoming concerned and those concerns could lead to more selling.

There is one industry in particular that could lead the market lower and we discuss it, in this article.

Passive Income from Preferred Stocks

Preferred stocks are an often overlooked asset class. Preferred stocks are assets that combine some of the features of stocks with some of the features of bonds. In our latest article, we provide passive income opportunities from preferred stocks.