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Central Banks Could Boost Crypto

There is a debate between skeptics and advocates of cryptocurrencies, or cryptos. Skeptics view the technology as a novelty at best while advocates see a change to the global financial system. We are in the early stages of the debate, but central banks are starting to find potential value in cryptos.

We explain more about the potential value and how it could boost crypto, right here.

Improving Value Investing

Hundreds of years ago, in medieval legend, medieval knights went on great quests in search of the Holy Grail. At least according to legends. Those legends gave rise to a phrase often used to describe a noble but difficult pursuit of something.

Investors have long sought the Holy Grail of investing. This week, we shared details that could lead investors down the right path. You can read more here.

How to Trade Oil Prices, Whether They Rise or Fall

Oil prices are a constant concern. Consumers worry about higher prices because gas and transportation expenses rise with oil prices. For most consumers, transportation expenses are unavoidable so higher gas prices can reduce the money available for discretionary spending.

For traders, higher prices present an opportunity and a risk. We discuss both in this article. We also provide stock picks that can be profitable whether oil prices rise or fall.

Climbing the Ladder to Escape Inflation

Interest rates are rising, slowly. Federal Reserve policies seem to be pointing to even higher rates. And, after a decade of historic low rates the increases are welcome by income investors. But, the increases raise an important question for many income investors.

Income investors are faced with a dilemma that is easy to understand. Should you invest now or later? Find out here.