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Central Bankers See Space for Cryptos

Even as cryptocurrencies proliferate, there is significant debate about what exactly cryptos are. Central bankers around the world seem to be reaching a consensus that crypto is money. That’s a significant development.

Many see the likelihood, that based on the intrinsic qualities of digital assets and the various solutions that they tend to offer to the fintech industry, crypto assets could one day reduce demand for central bank money. Now could be the time to seriously look at cryptos. You can read more right here.

Reduce Your Risk With This Strategy

When searching for trades, investors tend to think a great deal about what they should buy. This is important but it’s also important to ask, “how many shares of stock should I buy?” The same question applies to exchange traded funds (ETFs) or other trading vehicles.

In a recent article, we answered these questions and provided a trading strategy than can be used to reduce risk. You can read more here.

The FBI Highlights a Trading Opportunity

Recently, the FBI issued a report recommending that everyone reboot their routers. They found that, “foreign cyber actors have compromised hundreds of thousands of home and office routers and other networked devices worldwide.”

If it’s possible the FBI struggles with cybersecurity, that shows how difficult the field is. That indicates there are many stocks to consider in the field. We share those with you in this article.

Finding Safe 5% Yields

Yields are elusive, especially high yields in the current market environment. Published yields can also be deceptive and may not really be available to investors. That’s because of an all too often overlooked investment cost, taxes.

All investors can benefit from tax savings and we tell you how in our recent article.