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Cryptocurrencies Could Factor Into the Next Trade War

It was just a few years ago that trade wars seemed to be a subject confined to the history books. The devastating impact of trade wars in the 1930s demonstrated that actions taken to restrict trade could hurt economic growth. In this article, we discuss the next trade war and the role that cryptocurrencies could play in that trade war. 

The Truth About Value Investing

Value investing works. Plus, it is intellectually appealing. Yet, it is difficult for many individual investors to strictly follow a value investing philosophy in the long run. There are some very good reasons why value investing is so challenging to implement. To learn more about the challenges and how to avoid them, click here.

Stocks Analysts Like, and Some They Dislike

Analysts were generally optimistic after companies reported results last quarter. They were, in fact, historically optimistic. We can see how unusual this is by considering some data. In this article, we dig in to the data and highlight the stocks that analysts like, as well as the ones they do not.

Generate Income Like a Music Star

“Telephone number checks” is one way to describe the income some performers make from royalties. These are checks containing seven digits, as long as a telephone number. Of course, there are a relatively small number of individuals who earn telephone number checks.

But, there are many performers who enjoy smaller royalty streams. They may write a song which gets picked up as the theme song for a television program that airs five days a week, something like ABC’s Good Morning America.

Curious how you could generate income like your favorite music star? Read more, right here.