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It’s Time to Ask What Bitcoin Really Is

When an investor buys a stock, they know what they are getting. Technically, it’s a chance to participate in the future gains of the company’s business.

When an investor buys a bond, they also know exactly what they are getting. They are receiving an agreed upon interest payment that acts as rent for the money they lend the company until the company returns that money when the bond matures.

Investors buying options on stocks, exchange traded funds, foreign exchange, real estate or almost anything else know exactly what they’re getting. But, when buying cryptocurrencies, many investors have no idea what they are buying.

This week, we discuss what cryptocurrency has to offer an investor and we share the details, here.

Buying Assets for Pennies on the Dollar

The goal of investing is simple. Investors are trying to buy assets that will increase in value. That’s true of stocks, real estate, precious metals and other investments. This is a common goal of all investors, their strategic objective, in a sense. But, the tactics to reach that objective vary.

In the long run, all successful investors are paying pennies on the dollar for assets.

Value investors are looking for the same type of deals. This week, we discussed some of those assets. You can learn more, in this article.

Cybersecurity Could Be the Next Big Thing for Investors

No matter what your political opinion is, if you follow politics you understand there is a potential threat to the election process. The degree of the threat isn’t secure, and the potential source is also unclear. But, as local election boards move to voting machines instead of paper ballots, the threat of hacking those machines becomes real.

We discussed those threats in our recent article and explained how cybersecurity could be the next big thing for investors. This article is available to you, right here.

Income Investors Need to Evaluate Reverse Mortgages

Money is an emotional topic at times. Among the most emotional topics can be reverse mortgages. But, before jumping to a conclusion, investors need to remember there are two sides to every story. In the case of reverse mortgages, there are good and bad sides of the story to consider.

First, let’s define the terms. Then, we will look at a recent study that shows the reverse mortgage could be an important tool for income investors. Finally, we want to highlight a few of the risks.

And it’s all ready for you to read, here.