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Should You Buy the Crash in Cryptos?

Cryptocurrencies crashed, again. This time, there are at least a few reasons to explain the market action according to analysts.

CNBC noted that Bitcoin fell to a multi-month low after a relatively small South Korean exchange said it was hacked.

Now the question is, should you buy the crash? Find out right here.

Finding Value Around the World

Investors often receive vague advice. They are told to buy value, hold for the long term, and diversify broadly. Diversification should include investments in foreign markets because there will be times when different countries offer more value than the U. S. stock market.

In this article, we provide detailed information that can be used to find value around the world. It’s all right here.

Three Buys in a Sector that Greases the Wheels of Commerce

Retailers have been struggling over the past few years and many investors are scouting the sector in search of trading opportunities. Some of the companies in the sector will survive and do well in the long run. Others will fail. Both groups offer trading opportunities.

This week, we provide three trading opportunities that you can find right here.

How Central Banks Will Affect Your Income Investments

Income investors have learned in the past decade that they are subject to risks associated with central banks. The largest and most important central banks around the world include the Federal Reserve, the European Central (ECB) and the Bank of Japan (BOJ).

In this article, we discuss those risks and provide a plan for your income investments. You can read more here.


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