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We Study Billionaires: The Billionaire’s Peak Performance Playbook

It’s no surprise that many investors can fare well by following in the footsteps of the best investors out there—the billionaires inking huge deals and moving the market.

But those billionaire investors don’t do it alone. They have a number of personnel at their disposal to get the job done. One such person is a coach, who can help them get in the zone, just as an athletic coach might do with a star football player.

Billionaire coach and neurophysiologist Louisa Nicola joined the We Study Billionaires podcast. She spoke about how the best investors work to achieve their peak performance.

Some of the key takeaways are simple. Starting with a good night’s rest allows one to get refreshed and be at their best in any endeavor. In the fast-moving world of financial markets, starting out tired can put even the best investor starting the day behind the eight ball.

Other measures to keep the body healthy also play to mental health. That can be critical when making fast-paced decisions amid a rapidly-changing scenario, whether in the markets or on the field.

That’s why the world’s top athletes and investors also end up thinking alike, by getting into a consistent flow. This appeals to the brain’s sense of routine. Getting into a state of flow can help ensure strong and consistent performance.

The full episode of the podcast can be heard here.