Noah Kagan: Asking 80 Year old Millionaires If It Was Worth It

Investing is a journey with a few goals in mind. For most, that may mean the ability to retire, potentially as young as possible. Or it may mean having the ability to travel the world, or start a business among others.

On Noah Kagan’s Youtube channel, Noah interviews a number of retired millionaires, asking them how they got wealthy. And, more importantly, if they have any regrets about the paths they took to becoming wealthy.

All the interviewees had some unusual path in life. But nearly all were inventors or small business owners, rather than working at a high-paying job in finance or the law. And nearly all were interested in getting out of school as early as possible to start working.

Most noted that taking an entrepreneurial route enabled them to live well. That includes material wealth, as well as philanthropic efforts, and things like paying for a child’s education.

But that simply having the freedom to work on areas they loved was just as valuable on its own.

As for regrets, a few noted that working hard to provide for their families meant spending less time with their children.

But having setbacks and learning from them means that few could identify a big regret. And improving how to sell their ideas and document it for future use could be beneficial for anyone starting their own financial journey.


To hear the full interview of these wealthy 80 year olds, listen here.