Meet Kevin: A Warning for Stocks

The stock market has retraced part of its losses over the past few months. But when hitting a key technical level, stocks have started to fall again.

On the Meet Kevin YouTube channel, the key charts and trends show why the market is faltering now, and why a further drop may be likely. More importantly, the charts show where investors can likely ride out a potential storm in the months ahead.

While the chart data shows that inflation expectations are rapidly dropping as the Federal Reserve has started to raise interest rates, the market has responded by acting in a way that’s caused the Treasury yield curve to invert. That’s usually a warning sign of a recession ahead.

However, looking at key stocks like Apple (AAPL), it’s clear that some stocks are holding up well as a flight-to-safety play. And companies like Tesla Motors (TSLA) are also performing well, thanks to the company’s strong production and further growth ahead this year.

While some traders might want to consider looking at quality brand names in a market selloff, comparing a stock’s performance relative to bond yields can give a sign of where investors are going for safety – and where stocks are diverging.

Overall, markets are in a nuanced place where some stocks will perform better than others. Those worried about rising rates should see where companies are correlating with those rising yields.

You can view the full video on YouTube here.