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An Alternative to Bitcoin: Ethereum

Investors have always had a choice of strategies. This is true in the stock market where investors can buy large caps, small caps or midcaps. They can pursue growth, value or a variety of factors that are believed to capture different aspects of performance. The same variety of alternatives exists in the fixed income markets.

Therefore, it is not surprising to learn that the cryptocurrency market, perhaps the newest asset class available to investors, also offers alternatives. You can find out more, in this article.

This Could Be the Most Important Part of a Company’s Financials

Elon Musk recently highlighted the importance of cash for a company. The billionaire CEO of Tesla and other companies tweeted that he would be taking Tesla private. He informed investors the deal would be valued at $420 a share.

Analysts immediately went to work determining whether or not a deal was feasible at that price. So what does cash have to do with a company? Find out here.

Trading the Fed Chairman’s Jackson Hole Speech

Every August, economists from around the world converge on Jackson Hole, Wyoming for one of the most important conferences of the year. Many years, the Chair of the Federal Reserve addresses the audience.

Find out what Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said here.

Baby Bonds Could Help You Diversify Your Fixed Income Portfolio

Bonds belong in many portfolios. There are many ways to add bonds and each way has its advantages and disadvantages.

Among the most popular passive income investments is an investment in a bond mutual fund. With thousands of funds available, there is almost certain one or more that matches the objectives of a fixed income investor. We share the details in this article.