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Now, the NYSE Sees Value in Cryptos

There are many good ideas in the financial world. Many have been available for decades before they took off. Junk bonds are an example of an investment opportunity that took decades to find a place in the portfolios of Wall Street firms.

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  • Now, the financial world seems to be recognizing that cryptocurrencies can serve as an investment vehicle. We explain more right here.

    Investing Like George Soros Is Within Reach for Individual Investors

    George Soros is a trading legend. And, he is an investment legend because he achieved amazing results.

    Over more than 40 years, George Soros delivered an average annual return of about 20% to the investors in his hedge fund. At that rate of return, a $10,000 investment when the fund was started in 1969 would have grown to more than $20 million when Soros closed the fund in 2011.

    • No. 1 Commodity Stock to Buy in 2020

      Hint: It’s not silver, platinum or any other precious metal. It’s not aluminum, nickel, iron ore or lithium, either.

      But without it, we couldn’t make airplanes, automobiles, batteries, boats, cosmetics, computers, surgical tools or smartphones.

      Yet this metal could soon experience the greatest supply crunch in history … which could launch its price to levels never seen before.

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    This week, we shared how our readers can learn from George Soros by applying his style of thinking to investments. It’s available for you here.

    This Investment Offers Growth and an Ethical Dilemma

    When investors think of growth, they often look to tech sectors. They want to find the next killer app or the drug that’s in testing that will become the next $1 billion a year blockbuster. But, there is growth outside of the tech sector.

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  • This week, we shared a growth opportunity in an industry that you might not have considered. Learn more here.

    Farming Could Be the Income Opportunity You’ve Overlooked

    Income investors have been forced to search far and wide for income in recent years as the yields on bank accounts, certificates of deposit and other safe assets plunged towards zero. The search has not been easy but there are some areas that some investors may have overlooked.

    In our latest article, you can learn more about an undiscovered income opportunity.


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