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Wall Street Silver Official Podcast: Silver Supply Extremely Tight, Tyler Wall, CEO of SD Bullion

Physical precious metals have been in strong demand over the past month following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Not only have prices risen, but so has the premium that investors are paying to acquire physical gold and silver.

On the Wall Street Silver Official Podcast, Tyler Wall, CEO of SD Bullion, came on to provide a behind-the-scenes view of the silver market. He discusses why investors may not be able to find products in their local coin store anytime soon.

Demand has soared significantly, and coin stores placing orders may not be able to have all their orders fulfilled. That can lead to shortages just as demand has started to soar.

With low allocation from mints and miners, even governments are starting to shut down production of coinage. That includes US American Eagle coins, Canadian Maple Leafs, and other popular silver products.

Gold is seeing the same pressure as well, especially as its price shot up over $2,000 per ounce only to come back down as markets have trended higher one month into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Should investors expect relief anytime soon? Probably not, given the latest talks about Western nations turning away from precious metals sourced from Russia.

Plus, central bank and banker demand for precious metals has shot up in recent weeks as well. That means traders interested in physical silver could be getting set up to benefit from a possible squeeze in the coming months.

The full episode, running 14:36, can be heard here.