Wall Street Silver Official Podcast: Europe Imploding As Commodities Skyrocket

No matter how advanced the economy gets, or how deeply one moves into the digital realm, the world still relies on commodities. These are key items in everything from food, to fuel, to any technology in use today.

Commodity prices have been rising over the past two years. That’s been fueled in part by an increase in the money supply. It’s also been fueled in part from increased demand thanks to new technologies which have increased demand.

In Europe, prices have exploded, as the region is heavily dependent on Russian oil and natural gas. The region has already had far higher energy prices compared to the US. But with lower imports and higher prices, the region is under tremendous pressure.

Jay Martin views Europe as being the worst off from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It could be the beginning of several other triggers that could lead to a recession in Europe.

Investors can potentially protect themselves with hard assets. That’s based on the view that assets like precious metals will thrive in a chaotic environment. And investors should look to protect themselves first, then look to profit.

One way to potentially thrive is with commodity stocks. Those stocks should lead to higher returns than the overall stock market in the months ahead.

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